We know how meaningful these projects are to a community or individual family, so we place high importance on quality and safety


Showing up as a partner is vital to the success of any project. BMP brings effective, creative solutions to support our team every day.


Our team members have worked on various federal projects giving us a deep understanding of the attention to detail required for a successful project.


We aim to have a positive impact on the environment and also to protect it. That's why we consider this on all of our projects


Leveraging our experience to deliver effective solutions

BMP Consultants puts relationships and the project first to create a truly collaborative environment. Our knowledge of the industry and expertise gives our customers ease of mind because, simply put, they know we know what we're doing.

We've seen a wide range of situations and understand the complex challenges of today's projects. We use that expertise to estimate projects correctly in the first place, and we aren't afraid to think outside the box to deliver the most cost and time-effective solution for our clients.


We started this business not to be like everyone else but to hold to our values and philosophy on how a business should be run.

At BMP, we have a passion for this industry that runs deep. Co-Owner Kenny Quinto brings the same enthusiasm for the industry today as he did when he first got behind a piece of equipment over three decades ago. It's the ability to make something from scratch and create a positive impact that both Kenny and fellow owner Kathleen Quinto love about this industry.

Kenny has worked in the industry for over 30 years and has always desired to learn and improve. This mindset is how he was able to see what made a construction company successful and influenced how he wanted to run BMP. Kathleen and Kenny understand the importance of creating a team environment, supporting others with finding their purpose, and how to do things the right way. They started this business to create opportunities for others to join and advance within the industry. This is why at BMP, we focus on training and teaching our employees and encouraging growth.

By placing a high value on our employees, our projects benefit. Project owners trust us to deliver and not just be another subcontractor but a true project partner.


More than just a business

How we go about our business means everything to us. Being upfront and honest is key, from estimating to how we communicate on projects and everything in between. Our interest is in having a positive impact, not wasting anyone's time.


This is non-negotiable. The safety of our employees and project team comes first.

Upfront, Always

We have no interest in beating around the bush or pretending to be something we're not. Honesty will always guide us.


We are dedicated to our work and the people that have supported us. Like we said, relationships come first.

Teaching for Growth

We see our employees as more than just a number. We are here to share our industry knowledge and provide the training needed for them to grow.

Collaborative Teamwork

Solving problems through collaboration is how we operate. We put relationships first and work with our project partners to make projects successful.